Eleanor, Lottie and one of the twins at the This Is Us premiere :) xo

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"why do people like eleanor she’s not even that pretty"

…it’s almost as if… people have… diFFERENT opinions!! :O

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2013 - 2014

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Elounor December 2012

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I dont care if the room was full of art why would I look at painted ceilings when I already know that the most beautiful colors are in your eyes.

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2/? Favorite Elounor Pictures just because I can

The way they’re touching, how she’s holding him close. How she leans to whisper right next to his ear, his little smirk. They’re on their own little world.

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I really don’t know why LS feel the need to come to the eleanor tag and post shit about elounor, I mean that’s why there’s a larry tag, so you can go and post your shit there k?

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Eleanor and Max shopping in Liberty, London. October 17th, 2014

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People forgot that eleanor is a 20-something young adult who isn’t famous and is only in the public eye when she’s with her boyfriend so talking about her private life such as her weight, family etc is intrusive as hell and it is really disgusting to think that people believe they are entitled to know every little detail about her and then make rude comments regarding her personal life

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